Stem Cell Injections: A Game Changer in Medicine?


With changes in medicine occurring on an almost daily basis, it’s important as not only healthcare providers, but patients too, to be aware of the most cutting-edge treatments available. Recently the spotlight has been on the popularly discussed stem cell injections that have been making headlines… including ours. With the introduction of two new injections to our office, our physicians now have the ability to help ease many common foot complaints with a simple in-office injection.

The stem cells obtained from amniotic membrane tissue, which are donated by healthy, consenting mothers undergoing scheduled Cesarean section, might be a new form of treatment to our office, but stem cells have been used successfully to treat injuries since the early 1900’s.

Including most recently, Red Sox’s lefthander, Drew Pomeranz.

At the end of his 2016 season, Pomeranz had been experiencing severe elbow-forearm pain that left him restricted on the field. After a strict period of rest and therapy left him with no notable improvements, the Red Sox player followed the same treatment as two other players, Garrett Richards and Andrew Heaney, who both opted for stem cell injections instead of surgery. The stem cells, once injected, send a message to the body to heal the damaged area, as well as combining with other cells to promote healing.

This method of treatment is slowly making its way through the sports industry after several positive outcomes have been documented, including Bartolo Colon, who states the injection resurrected his career. So, is it possible this new treatment could be the solution you’ve been waiting for? According to Dr. Marc A. Borovoy, “Chronic tendon and ligament problems in the foot and ankle can be successfully treated with these injections. We have seen cures without needing to progress to surgery in many cases.”

Call or visit our website to setup an appointment and find out if this injection could help you.

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