Pistons’ Jon Leuer Scheduled to Undergo Season-Ending Surgery on Friday


It was revealed earlier last week that Detroit Pistons forward Jon Leuer would be heading towards a season-ending ankle surgery this coming Friday.

After seeking the advice from a specialist, the injury that was originally diagnosed as an ankle sprain, also revealed bone fragments and several other issues during the exam. The initial recommendation was for Leuer to have a series of injections, but after weeks of little progress, it was decided surgery would be the only option.

“I knew even a month and a half ago when I saw the specialist that he kind of suggested [surgery] right away,” Leuer told The Detroit News. “But we wanted to see if we could try to manage the pain and hopefully get through the season.”

According to Dr. Marc Borovoy, a podiatric physician, “The ligaments that surround and connect the bones in the ankle have a specific range of motion and boundaries that allow them to keep the joints stabilized. When the ligaments surrounding the ankle are pushed past those boundaries, it causes a sprain.”

“We usually recommend surgery when the damage to the ligaments is severe or the injury doesn’t improve with nonsurgical treatments such as physical therapy. In this particular case, for someone with a torn ankle ligament, I would recommend an internal brace ligament augmentation, which is a surgical procedure used to strengthen the lateral ankle ligament and rebuild the ligaments that are torn or ruptured.”

From all of us at Associated Podiatrists P.C., we wish Jon all the best with his upcoming surgery and recovery.

If you or someone you know believes they may have a sprained ankle or torn ligament, it’s important to see a podiatrist immediately in order to promote recovery and help prevent secondary injuries. Our podiatrists, Marc A. Borovoy, DPM, and John D. Miller, DPM, are experts in all areas of foot and ankle care, and will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing. Feel free to contact our office at (248)348-5300 or request an appointment on our website.

Did you know that approximately 10% of people will suffer from a painful condition known as plantar fasciitis during their lifetime? This common ailment occurs when the shock-absorbing band of tissue that runs along the bottom of your foot becomes irritated and inflamed, causing mild to severe heel pain. While the exact cause may be difficult to determine, it is frequently a development of ill-fitting footwear, excessive physical activity, age, tight tendons, and/or improper foot mechanics.

Mayo Clinic

One of the most common symptoms of plantar fasciitis is a stabbing pain in the bottom of your foot that tends to be most noticeable first thing in the morning. The sudden over-extension of the foot upon getting out of bed stretches the ligament, and with repeated stress to the plantar fascia, small tears are likely to develop.

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If you’re experiencing heel pain, it’s important to see your podiatrist and discuss all your possible options to determine the best course of treatment for you. Please feel free to contact our office at (248)348-5300 or request an appointment on our website. Our podiatrists, Marc A. Borovoy, DPM, and John D. Miller, DPM, are experts in all areas of foot and ankle care, and will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be experiencing.